Baoli Studios is located in Port-au-Prince Haiti and is featured in Mix Magzine's Class of 2013.  The Teak wood front wall is a tuned membrane trap that works around an exterior window set & a single RPG Modex Plate dead-center.
Grassy Knoll Studio's Tracking Room was Featured in Mix magazin'es Class of 2012.  Hard work and collaboration with Studio owner Dave Slote.  HdAcoustics took over and completed acoustics, lighting and WOW.  Very honored to have been with you Dave on this.
This shot of Stonewall Studios in Pensacola, FL was featured in Mix Magazine's Class of 2011.  Small but mighty!
Art Smuck dedicated listening room.  Ft Worth, TX
Kevin Churko (producer Ozzy, Hinder, Shania Twain) Control Room A at his newly opened (Fall '11) Hideout Recording Studio in Vegas.
Auracle Studios in Houston TX is special in many ways...look for a full vingette of this state of the art "modern" production studio.  Hint- walls are in fact acoustical blocks (isolation, bass trapping and HF absorption in one!)
Ted Brady State of the art five channel full-range listening room...this is no "home theater"
A dedicated listening and library room.  All the interior form and function were designed by HdAcoustics employing RPG products in highly integrated ways.
Espen Lind's Studio (Oslo, Norway) shown above.

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Latest News
Fall of 2013-  seems to me...maybe maybe maybe that the economy and music business are coming to terms with whatever this "new-new" is going to be.  Obviously, people are recording like crazy and it seems that the medium sized facility is a viable business approach.  This leads to sharing news of several such jobs...S FL and LA seem to be hot (at least for HdAcoustics).

Not much of a Latest News post...maybe should be a Blog.  That said, it's nice to share and a hope it's a trend and not blip.

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