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HdAcoustics is incredibly proud of the achievements of our clients. Aaron Dessner and his band The National won the GRAMMY for Best Alternative Music. This music is music that is highly connected to the space we designed and it sounds fantastic...Check it at and enjoy!!!


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Client Responses

“Jeff Hedback is a wonderfully talented Acoustical Engineer that is very passionate about his work and commitment to ensuring his clients get the best services possible.  I have found him to be an invaluable informational resource and consultant in helping to optimize the Audioholics sound labs.  Highly recommended!”


“Everybody loves how it sounds in there.  Sitting at the console, it is sort of the Ultimate 604 Experience, which may not be for everybody, but it is for me.”

“I can personally attest to the power of Jeff’s wizardry, he helped me to *transform* the murky, boomy, washy sound of my little room into something tight, focused, and very easy to mix in. No more guesswork of any kind, which means I can work fast, and what I hear in that room has translated 100% every single time.”

“Let me congratulate you on the design of Art’s (Smuck) room.  It’s among the best rooms I have heard anywhere.”

‘I’ve worked in studios around the world and Jeff’s studios are second to none. When I made the decision to build my own place, he was the first call. He could work within my budget while getting me results far beyond expectation’.


Observations on acoustics, design and music

A typical design fee range for a single room (studio, dedicated listening or reference home theater) is $500 to $3,000.  A multi-room studio complex can range from $4,000 to $12,000.  However, EVERY job has it’s own factors and it’s own properly defined scope of work (thus it’s own fee schedule).   Simply, each individual project will have it’s own goals and thus it’s own fees to meet those goals.

The resulting design has to support not only the scope of work but the people executing it.  From a napkin sketch to a 30 page document set, the design intents and specifics have to be clearly communicated.   HdAcoustics follows standard architect protocol: program development, concept creation, design development, documentation, bid review, construction support and final verification.  

Remote works- 1) because the today’s technology allows (kinda), 2) because there is a bunch of great acoustical software that didn’t exist previously (sorta), 3) because Jeff Hedback spent more than six years doing remote Personalized Room Analysis for Auralex Acoustics prior to opening his own shop (partially).  The answer is actually that each of these factors play a role in why remote acoustical consulting may be a viable option for you.

Behind those reasons though are the thousands of rooms Jeff Hedback played in as a professional bass player and the dozens of rooms as a recording engineer.   The synthesis of all those experiences have led to a process that identifies each client’s unique goals, ties those to sound applications of physics and ends up with quality rooms and happy clients.

capture-mapHdAcoustics has worked with clients in most corners of the world. 
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Bermuda
  • Bahamas
  • Cayman Islands
  • Haiti
  • Puerto Rico
  • El Salvador
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • Lebanon
  • Germany
  • Austria

jeff-steiger_studio-document-set_sneak-peekv4_001Below is a list of services that may or may not apply to your project.

  • Programming and Layout Concepts
  • Noise and Vibration Control
  • Acoustical Modeling
  • Concept Design and Development
  • Document Set Drafting
  • Construction Support
  • Remote Room Testing and Final Verification. 
  • We also specialize in the CRITICAL areas of technical power system schematic design, mechanical system schematic design and lighting system design for performance audio spaces.

Inspiration is a big part of the design process and what inspires our client’s always drives the design and very much becomes part of the final space.  Please feel free to share what inspires you be that a musician, another room of your type, an architectural space that has nothing to do with your project, etc…


Timely communications- Accurate Communications-Clarity in Needs/Goals are a big part of the client’s role.

Client’s are needed to stay engaged and are encouraged to ask all questions (big and small).  It’s much better to over-communicate than slide through areas that should be developed or closely reviewed.

Acoustically, a small room is ~10,000 cubic feet or smaller.   A specialist in small room acoustics understands the unique functions and needs of purpose designed studios, great HiFi room and reference level home cinema.   There is a DIRECT correlation between the structure and the low frequency response.  Additionally, there is a MUCH more sensitive relationship between speaker/listener locations to the audio experience in small rooms than large rooms. 

A design might take as little as two weeks (on a small project) and we have projects that are still making progress years after the initial communications. There is a natural ebb and flow of communication and workflow that factors the project and people’s needs.  A fully designed HiFi room may take two to three weeks for a concept and two to three weeks for the document set.   A multi-room commercial studio might take multiple months to complete the design and document set, especially in cases requiring permit review/approval.

The documentation needed to be granted a building permit from your local building and safety department is entirely defined by your local codes.  HdAcoustics is neither a licensed architect nor a structural engineering firm.  Depending on your cities’ classification of your space and their ordinances, HdAcoustics will work with your architect or building on the document set for review and permit.   Often, we bring in our contacts (builders, architects,  or structural engineers) to a clients team.   There are situations where our drawings have been able to be submitted and the permit is issued to the licensed general contractor.

tru-audio_select-series_spkr-location-studies_cedia-2016_003The simulation of how sound reacts within the targeted space is acoustical modeling.   The term “acoustically significant” is important and that is where 15+ years of professional room modeling experience comes into play.   We strive to use and command the best tools, but acoustical modeling falls under the slang term “GIGO” (garbage in=garbage out).  The surfaces have to be assigned their proper values, but not every item within a room is acoustically significant.   The speaker locations and qualities are crucial to apply properly and with purpose to have correlation to real life. 

capture-for-webv2We can measure (and/or model) the frequency of a sound, we can measure (and/or model) the amplitude of sound and we can model (and/or physically) measure distance.  If you grid the frequency and amplitude of sound energy in the horizontal plane of a room, it can be very revealing and helpful in determining the proper low frequency control systems (er, bass trapping) in a given room.   This process is also able to pre-qualify the location of a subwoofer or multiple subwoofers.  

test-micRRT is a service developed to take the burden from our client’s to learn how to operate and analyze the great room test apps like REW, ARTA and HolmImpulse.  It is also a way to gain extremely valuable project information without the additional costs of travel.  HdAcoustics has spent tons of time perfecting a method to remotely capture acoustical data that can be processed in many. many meaningful ways.   We understand that the information in a graph has to connect to the experiences people hear in a given room.   There is no end to this passion and curiosity to gain more data points- different rooms, different speakers, and different human preferences.  

Determining how much sound level will transmit (and the frequency content of that sound energy) from one location to another is the essence of sound isolation consulting.  Impact noise is another important part of Sound Isolation Consulting.

In real-life, the sound transmission issue could be the family above you intruding on your ATMOS compliant cinema experience.   This could be drums bleeding into an isolation booth making tracking difficult.   It could even be a train in the distance covering of the low level details of your otherwise amazing stereo listening experience.   We utilize and properly apply the top rate noise and vibration simulation tools.  Combining this with real world experience and fantastically talented partners in the fields of architecture, engineering and building.

We support both approaches and both can be part of ‘full surface’ and fully integrated finishes.  Custom elements include site fabricated stretch fabric, Helmholtz tuned absorbers, membrane traps and purpose design diffusion.   As far as commercial products, HdAcoustics is very proud to have strong relationships with most major acoustical product manufacturers like RPG, Kinetics, GIK, Primacoustics and Auralex.

MIX Magazine is the world’s premier monthly periodical servicing the pro audio recording industry.   For 30 plus years they’ve ran a yearly feature of the world’s best new studios.   In our nine years, HdAcoustics has now had six rooms featured: (2) in the Class of 2016, the Class of 2014, the Class of 2013, the Class of 2012 and the Class of 2011.

Recording Artists: Ozzy Osbourne, Christina Aguilera, Phil Collins, Joe Walsh, Simon Cowell, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Lifehouse, Billy Currington, Aarron Dessner (The National)

Record Producers: Trevor Horn, Kevin Churko, Mitch Easter, Espen Lind

Recording Engineers: Mills Logan, Julian King, Ben Fowler, Jason Hall, Paul Mahern

Gear Makers: UBK Greg Scott, CAPI Jeff Steiger, Louder than Loft Off Brad McGowan & Bill Pearson

Musicians: Kenny Aronoff, JR Robinson, Todd Sucherman, Chris Culos of O.A.R, Mark Walker Paquito

Wide range of project from court acoustics for US Federal Court District 12 South Florida to an live radio station within Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Club.

jhHdAcoustics is the natural evolution of Hedback Designed Acoustics (opened in 2007).  HdAcoustics was founded to support those who desire professional quality audio and need assistance getting from point A to B.  We exist to provide specialty acoustical consulting, analysis, design and support in a way that is consistent with our globally connected world.  We will work directly with individual clients.  We are also glad to serve as specialty consultants for integrators, architects and builders.  HdAcoustics works very hard to provide services that meet the agreed targets and make a difference. 
MARKETS Served: Commercial Studios, Project Studios, Composition Suites, Video Production and Post facilities,  Dedicated HiFi Listening Rooms, Reference Grade Home Cinema, ATMOS Home Cinema, Houses of Worship, Educational Facilities, Courtroom Acoustics, Public Common Spaces, Residential Acoustics/Noise/Vibration
At HdAcoustics, every single job is equally important.
Chief Designer Jeff Hedback is an acoustician, a professional musician (bass player), and a trained recording engineer. It is this blend of experiences and skills from both sides of the control room glass that anchors every HdA project.
Jeff graduated Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music (’87) majoring in Music Production and Engineering with a minor in bass performance.
Jeff spent seven years honing his acoustical design craft at industry leading Auralex Acoustics. It was as much as anything an acoustics master-class under the mentorship of world respected Acoustical Engineer, Jeff D Szymanski (PE). During much of his tenure he was utilized not only as a technical consultant for Auralex customers, but also as a Regional Sales Manager, where he steered consistent double digit annual growth.
Jeff Hedback co-holds a US Patent for being the primary developer of the Auralex GRAMMA speaker isolation riser. This product is found worldwide under guitar amps, bass rigs and home theater subwoofers.
As a session and touring bass player, Jeff has credits on several national releases (Arista Records, CBS Records, Rounder/Philo Records). He has performed as a headliner, support act, and background chatter in all types of spaces; the largest stadiums, worship spaces, and smokiest clubs. To this day he continues to study, practice, gig and gets inspired by all things that are bass.
Here are some select mentors and life events that are important to today’s HdAcoustics.
  • First bass mentor (at age 9), Jack Phelan.  His playing was “organic” but educated and all about connection of bass to the feeling of music.  And, he played a Hofner.  I was truly blessed to have such a tremendous teacher.
  • Graduated from Berklee College of Music Cum Laude
  • Tom Dowd…hmmm…no I never met Mr. Dowd, but there was the old Studio D at Berklee.  All the other rooms were recently built with state of the art this and that….the the old 1″ 8-Track Studio kept giving back the best sounding projects.  Why…well it turned out Tom Dowd designed and built that room…a big lesson.
  • ’87, post Berklee was as Assistant Eng at Russ Berger designed located in Indianapolis
  • to being pro bass player and fortunate enough to record in top studios throughout the Midwest, LA and Toronto
  • Select engineers who have recorded my bass include: Ross Hogarth, David Leonard, Mark Williams and Paul Mahern.
  • playing bass guitar in nearly every ensemble situation and type of room
  • Major Label Releases include Jimmy Ryser (self-titled) on Arista Records and several records of folk artist Carrie Newcomer on Rounder/Philo
  • Leroy “Lefty” Bates   I was very to study on stage with this first generation Delta Blues great.  Lefty was musicians’ musician as the phrase goes.  He played for years with Jimmy Reed among others.
  • Ron Volbrecht of   Ron took my left hand to fingerboard relationship to a WHOLE new level of understanding…quest for the ultimate tone continues
  • acoustical mentorship of Jeff D Szymanski at Auralex Acoustics.  I actually nicknamed Jeff “Acoustic Savant” for obvious reasons.  He was and is a true thought leader world-wide in all aspects of acoustical engineering.
  • awarded US Patent for GRAMMA.  Following the quest for tone, I developed the GRAMMA to reduce how different stages would drastically change the sound of my bass rig.  This product has done very well for over a a dozen years solving not only live amplifier issues, but subwoofers in studios and HiFi rooms.
  • Regional Sales Manager at Auralex Acoustics
  • Peer sharing and exploration of ideas and concepts.  There are so many great ideas and great minds in this field.  I truly respect the exchange of ideas and learning with people I respect and call friends such as Wes Lachot, Russ Berger, Nyal Mellor, Glenn Stanton and John Brandt.
  • Duke LeJuene of – Duke is special.  On the surface, I have worked closely with Duke to create design specs for custom main monitors for four of my studios.  But more so, he freely gave back a learning curve on speaker design that has filled in what books can’t.  He’s not just brilliant and humble but seriously NICE.  That’s a great sentence to share.
  • Harold Baker is an AIA award winning architect with work featured on HGTV.  I’ve been fortunate to work with Harold on many many projects.  Firstly, he has a voice like a Hollywood star from the 60’s.  A single conversation with Harold is equal to a semester’s worth of Architectural Studio Classes.
  • Dr Floyd Toole…if you’ve read this far…ask me about the Dr. Toole handshake…maybe I’ll share this story…maybe
  • All the fantastic clients I’ve had the honor to work with in these years running HdAcoustics.
  • quest and obsession for perfect TONE…we’ll have to see what’s up next.


Feel free to contact HdAcoustics anytime as we look forward to discussing your room.

Before calling, preparation is helpful regarding your existing or proposed space:
Dimensions: length, width & height Goals & Concerns
Existing construction (if applicable)
Inspiring spaces…don’t have to be related at all to your function…
Just the type of space that moves you emotionally.
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