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Score 1 for the American Idol “Factory”

Score 1 for the American Idol “Factory”

Score 1 for the American Idol “Factory”
Lee Dewyze won 2010 American Idol. He has just released his debut record and I think it is truly worthy of some attention. Pop music today is not in good shape. Most releases have bland songs that are incredibly bright with little sonic “depth/dimension”. While not mold changing to the format, this debut release is good stuff. Dewyze is an active co-writer of all tracks and the production team was smart to pair Lee with “boutique” producers who brought out his “voice” without overwhelming him with the process.
Boutique producers are becoming the norm. This is simply a “one-man” writer, engineer, arranger, mixer, multi-instrument powerhouse who creates and delivers the final product (short of masterting in most cases)…great when it works, really worthless when it flops. From the 1920’s through the 1980’s, separate careers were forged in the unique disciplines of each area just mentioned. The great catalogs of acts ranging from Sinatra to Motown display this workflow of yesterday.
Today: low-budgets, uncertain distribution/revenues, and computer based production are forcing the age of the boutique production. This is occuring in nearly all genres, not just Pop. Things change and that’s not bad. What is bad is the bar lowering from slipping acountability. What is good? This quaint and honest release from Lee Dewyze.
by Jeff Hedback