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Let’s Get Started…”So, why is Life Like P-Bass?”

Let’s Get Started…”So, why is Life Like P-Bass?”

Life is like a P-Bass. A P-Bass is the Fender Precision Bass Guitar. Not only is history starting to realize that this modest maker of “lo-notes” may be the pivotal instrument in the development of Pop music since it’s creation in the mid-50’s, but it is a study in how simple elements can create a powerful system.
As a budding bass player since the age of nine, I could hear the tone of a P-Bass early on. Always supportive, the instrument still voices clear through any combination of instruments and style of music.
As a professional bass player, I realized that I could modify the basic elements of the P-Bass system and enjoy the variances. However if I strayed too far in mods, I lost in areas of support, balance and clarity.
In the realm of small room acoustics, the analagous elements of the “P-Bass” are as simple as a combining “appropriate bass trapping with the strategic control of reflections”. That’s my “P-Bass” filter.
So welcome to my blog. Expect brief gems of learned insights, technically detailed studies, and anything that can help make a given day sound better and be more inspiring!
By Jeff Hedback