Mix Class of 2021

Round Table Recording Company

Highlights from the Project

Round Table Recording Company is a three-studio facility that also operates an audio production education program.  It is in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, IN.  HdAcoustics started the design/consulting relationship with RTRC during the site selection phase.  Fortunately for all, an amazing space became available in an ideal location with roughly 5,500 square feet to work with.  The design program included a top-tier Studio A, a strongly fitted Studio B and an edit/overdub/production suite being Studio C.  

Control Room A features a side address view to the large Tracking Room, Ocean Way main monitors and an Audient console.  The design philosophy of the control room uses a multi-component absorption system around the mains (they are not in a traditional flush-mounted baffle wall).  The angles of the sidewalls and the angles of the first lateral reflection points are closely tied to the directivity pattern of the Ocean Way speakers and the distances.  This creates a pure reflection free zone at the mix position.  The rear wall features custom amplitude grating slats that can rotate and custom tuned Helmholtz low frequency absorption systems (across the lower rear).

The finishes are the vision of RTRC partner Travis Moore who put great character to the acoustical engineering and design work of HdAcoustics.