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HdAcoustics was founded in 2007 to support those who desire professional quality audio and need assistance getting from point A to B.  We exist to provide specialty acoustical consulting, analysis, design, and support via a REMOTE workflow.  We partner directly with individual clients, integrators, architects, and builders.  HdAcoustics works very hard to provide services that meet the agreed targets and make a difference.  

Markets Served: Commercial Recording Studios, Project Recording Studios, DOLBY ATMOS Theatrical/HE/MUSIC spaces, Composition Suites, Dedicated HiFi Listening Rooms, Reference Grade Home Cinema, ATMOS Home Cinema, Houses of Worship, Educational Facilities, Courtroom Acoustics, Public Common Spaces, Residential/Commercial Acoustics/Noise/Vibration.

At HdAcoustics, every single job is equally important.


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