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HdAcoustics is the natural evolution of Hedback Designed Acoustics (opened in 2007).  HdAcoustics was founded to support those who desire professional quality audio and need assistance getting from point A to B.  We exist to provide specialty acoustical consulting, analysis, design and support in a way that is consistent with our globally connected world.  We will work directly with individual clients.  We are also glad to serve as specialty consultants for integrators, architects and builders.  HdAcoustics works very hard to provide services that meet the agreed targets and make a difference. 
Markets Served: Commercial Studios, Project Studios, Composition Suites, Video Production and Post facilities,  Dedicated HiFi Listening Rooms, Reference Grade Home Cinema, ATMOS Home Cinema, Houses of Worship, Educational Facilities, Courtroom Acoustics, Public Common Spaces, Residential Acoustics/Noise/Vibration.
At HdAcoustics, every single job is equally important.

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